Saigers Super Sealer 4 x 1 Gallon Case

Product ID: SSC23504

Saiger's Super Sealer

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Ready to Use - Do Not Dilute
One product for all your protectant needs!

Ready to Use Unscented Solvent Based PENETRATING Fluorinated-Polymer works great on:
Tile and Grout & Stone Super Sealer

For carpets and fabrics: Use this product as is and spray a light mist over entire area, hold 6‐12 inches from fabric and spray as a fine mist, wetting the surface evenly. Fabric dries in 2‐4 hours and reaches full repellency in 24 hours.  Do not inhale the vapors, use outdoors or in a very well‐ventilated area.

For Application to Tile and Grout & Stone surfaces:
Clean as normal and apply air movers to speed up drying.

Apply Saiger’s Super Sealer with a pump-up applicator to the tile and grout surface
Using a Flat (Microfiber) mop, spread evenly on the entire surface the Saiger’s Super Sealer making sure to fill in the grout well while applying and moving around the sealer.
Apply in a far corner and work your way out.

No need to worry about having to buff off the product…it will dry and flash off the tile surface with no haze or residue. If for some reason there were a haze or residue, reactivate that area with the Super Sealer and wipe the area allowing to dry again. This can happen if a person walks on an area before completely dry.

Allow the product to dry with no foot traffic for a couple hours. We recommend Speed drying with air movers to make the surface available for quicker use.

Do Not inhale the vapors, use in well ventilated area and air movement.

Coverage on Carpets and Fabrics 700-1000 Square Feet. Even Better Coverage on Tile and Grout surfaces.

Will not effect the appearance, feel or color of tile or fabric.



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