Saigers Sauce 1 Free and Clear - 1 x 6.5 Single Tub

Product ID: SCC808833-1tub_free_clear

NEW Saiger’s Sauce 1 “Free & Clear”
The Blue goes “Green”

Same Exact Formula and Cleaning Powers as the Original Saiger’s Sauce 1 Powder


  • Hypoallergenic
  • VOC Compliant in All States
  • Saiger’s Sauce 1 Formula’s DO NOT CONTAIN:
  • D-Limonene
  • Butyl’s
  • Oxidizers
  • NTA’s
  • Completely Enviro Safe – Non Toxic

From 4 generations of Saiger family cleaners, we bring you “Saiger Sauce 1”. The highest quality, very economical, multi use prespray you can buy.

A unique product created by 50 plus years of cleaning experience and passion, astute observation and testing in real world cleaning situations. A “one product” to help with most of your professional cleaning needs on carpet, tile and grout, synthetic rugs and garage floors, stone patios and much more.

Gentle enough to be your everyday pre spray or your Blue Bullet on greasy commercial work.
For best, long lasting results, we recommend the use of an extraction agent in your cleaning system such as Saiger's Deep Blue All Purpose - All Fiber Rinse or other Harvard Chemical Research Rinsing agents. 

  • No scent or odor of any nature while applying.
  • No NTA, D-Limonene, Butyl’s or other harmful solvents that produce VOC’s


Directions and Suggested use:
Be sure to mix with warm to hot and preferably “soft” water. Normal soiling with your best repeat clients will require far less product usage. We recommend experimenting to find what works best for you.
Product is quick dissolving in hot water, another time saver! Use the supplied measuring cup and don’t store more than you need on your (hot) truck.

  • Pump up or Electric Sprayer – 1 scoop (2 ounces) Saiger Sauce One to 1.5 Scoops (3 Ounces) of “Saiger Sauce 1” per Gallon of warm to hot water. Very severe jobs may require up to 3 ounces – 4 ounces per gallon. Test first so you don’t waste this valuable solution.
  • Hydro Force Type Injection Sprayer – Dilute 8 – 9 scoops “Saiger Sauce 1” (16-18 ounces) per 5 quart container with warm to hot water, and meter at 8:1 setting. (If not using a metering tip, it is typically at 4:1 setting: THEN dilute only 4-5 scoops which is 8-10 ounces of “Saiger Sauce 1”).
  • With either pre spray method, for the best long lasting results, use an extraction agent such as Harvard Heavy Duty or other Harvard Chemical Research Extraction Rinses.

More Helpful Cleaning tips:
We highly recommend mechanical agitation of some sort in traffic lanes and high usage areas for deeper and quicker results. Do not rely on “wand scrubbing” to break the soil loose. This over wets the carpet and wears out your lower back and shoulders.

Chemical usage suggestions can be far less if you take our advice on the soft water and scrubbing. Trust us, take your time, pre vacuum, wear a big smile, a nice shirt and stand out from your competition with this great product and your passion!

For tile and grout we recommend mopping the product down to avoid splashing. Use the same dilutions as you would with a pump up sprayer and don’t forget to scrub the grout lines.
Thank you for Choosing Saiger’s Sauce 1!

We think you will find this prespray a favorite no matter how you use it. Consider adding Harvard GForce Booster and Booster Powder to your cleaning arsenal for another unbelievable cleaning experience!

Free & Clear can be used with the Blue Flame Boost it Pack!

Blue Flame Boost-It Mix: Your Ultimate cleaning PreSpray Mix!

“For really super soiled carpets in restaurant, or rentals with a lot of greasy type soils, or parking lot type soils”, in 4:1 applications we recommend adding 2-4 ounces of GForce Soy Booster and 2 ounces (one scoop) of Booster Powder. Activate the Booster powder in a separate container with warm-hot water and add to your Saiger’s Sauce 1. For 8:1 applications 4-8 ounces GForce Booster, and 4 ounces (2 Scoops) Booster Powder. Activate the Booster powder in warm to hot water in a Separate container and add to your Saiger’s Sauce 1. Pump up or Electric sprayer: add 1-2 ounces GForce Booster per cleaning solution gallon, and activate 2 -4 ounces (1-2 Scoop) Booster Powder per Gallon of cleaning solution. Make sure to activate the Booster Powder in a separate container with warm-hot water and add to the Saiger’s Sauce 1.



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