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In most cases if the water is from a fresh water source, we can save a lot of items

water extraction

We run both of our "Butler System Truckmounts" during the water extraction

Moisture Mapping

Our equipment allows us to see how much water damage is in areas of your home


Ask your plumber about a water controller product that if it detects water running on a surface such as your floor. It will shut off the water main of your house.
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Water Damage and Flood Damage

Saiger Steam Clean in Grand Rapids Minnesota has extensive experience in flood damage restoration and water damage cleanup. Water can create major damage to a building's structure. At Saiger’s, we incorporate the most advance science and tools to dry your home quickly and efficiently with your health and safety in mind.

One of our greatest tools is our Flir Thermal Imaging Cameras. These $8000 dollar cameras allow us to detect moisture very quickly in areas that sometimes go undiscovered. We also use the most advanced moisture detection and mapping tools to guarantee your home is dry!

Saiger’s Steam Clean is also a firm believer of saving everything possible! Rather than unnecessarily tearing things apart, we will do everything we can to save you the time and headache of personal loss.
We follow the S500 industry guidelines and standards as per the IICRC. Please check them out for other tips at:
Also, here is a link for more helpful tips about flood and water damage:

Very important items to note for your safety

  • Do not enter into a flooded area with out having the power shut off.
  • After cutting the power, shut off the water source. You may need to call you public utilities provider to assist.
  • After the power and water source are controlled, address moving personal property items out of the water damaged areas.
  • Call a professional for assistance.

What is that Smell?

Cellulosic or microbial growth. Sheet rock if left too long and or carpet & pad can develop an odor that will off gas with the microbial growth that has developed. In most cases if the water is from a fresh water source, we can save a lot of items, but after a certain length of time it could be recommended to pull out the carpet and pad. You might also need to tear out sheet rock that has been wet.  Call us to discuss your options at 218-326-4736.

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  • March 18, 2015
    Today at BNI we heard from Mark Saiger, owner of Saiger's Steam Clean. Today Mark brought in a bunch of his cleaning tools/machines, old to new, to show us how the technology in the industry has changed over the years. At Saiger's they always use the most up to date technology and are always thinking about ways to better the industry and products they use. I have never seen a business owner more passionate about his business and the work he does.
    Mark has been a great addition to our BNI group, he brings energy and spark
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Category I Water Damage

Caused by fresh water leak from areas such as sink overflows and interior pipe breaks & leaks.  Most items in a home can be saved if the drying process begins quickly.

"My portable air conditioner had been leaking on my carpeting for days. When I called, Mark Saiger came to my house immediately. His high-tech FLIR camera showed us the water leakage in the wall!
Excellent, excellent customer service!"
— Grand Rapids MN customer review

Category II Water Damage

Typically known as Grey Water which can come from a toilet overflow or disposal water trap area.  Fresh water leaks can also become grey water as it travels through certain areas gathering debris and contaminants, or if allowed to remain in a building without remediation.  Grey Water can also contain certain microbial and bacterial growths.  Items contaminated might need specialized cleaning, and treatments.  Some items contaminated by grey water might also need to be removed versus cleaning.

Category III Water Damage

Probably the worst of contaminated waters.   This water damage is typically associated with sewer backups, severe flooding or water that has been in a building without quick remediation.  Many items in this type of situation will need to be removed and replaced.  There is typically severe microbial growth associated with this type of water loss.  Special cleaning and drying techniques will be needed.